Queenstown E-bike Guided Winery Tour

Join our popular guided ebike tour that will sip ’n cycle through the quiet and scenic Arrow and Kawarau River Valley and on into the spectacular Kawarau Gorge. Cycle along the famous vineyards and try world-renowned Gibbston wines and craft beer while enjoying stunning views.

Includes: Ebike, extra battery, helmet, transfer to Arrowtown, transfer back from Gibbston, trail map, water, wine & beer tasting fees.

Departure: 1:30pm, Allow: 4 hours

Price: $215 per person

Full Itinerary:

Enjoy a one of a kind ride through beautiful and varied landscape with the luxury of a guide. With you every step of the way, your guide acts as your wine connoisseur, confidant, and chauffer all in one!

This tour is perfect in all seasons – spring with the budding leaves, daffodils and baby lambs, summer for the hot, still days and cool, clear water, autumn for the colours of the trees.

The tour begins from your central Queenstown accommodation and brings you to the historic village of Arrowtown to begin your adventure. Before we set off we make sure you are fitted out with a helmet and have shown us you know how to control the ebike. No need for a map here, as your steady guide will be with you for the duration. Leaving Arrowtown on a beautifully scenic and well-maintained track, you will head along two beautiful rivers towards the Gibbston Valley. The track winds its way through the stunning scenery and passes through the Kawarau Bungy Centre on the way. Stop here and enjoy the architecture of the building, the historic bridge, the washrooms and lovely cafe while you watch the brave jumpers. You may even choose to partake yourself!

Leaving the Kawarau Bridge, the trail again winds along the shockingly blue Kawarau river, with beautiful cliffs on one side, and the luscious vineyards of the Gibbston Valley on the other. The world famous region is known for its pinot wines and craft beers. Take the time to stop and enjoy of course! After visiting Cargo Brewery at Waitiri Creek, and Kinross Cellar door will make riding safely difficult, and you can enjoy your transfer back to Queenstown.

We will have you set up with everything you’ll require for the afternoon: an e-bike with extra battery and panniers, helmet, water and snacks. Our e-bikes are perfectly equipped for everything you may (or may not) encounter! They are all fitted with mud flaps to keep you clean and dry and have a luxurious “cruise control” feature to keep the trip scenic, fun, and comfortable.


4 Hours