Greenstone / Caples Loop (West -East)

Greenstone / Caples Track Transport (West – East). Transport from Queenstown to The Divide. Then return track transport from The Greenstone Shelter back to Queenstown

The Greenstone and Caples Tracks can be walked together on a 4-5 day tramp and are linked by the McKellar Saddle, a sub-alpine pass. It is a great way to admire the scenery of the the wider Greenstone Valley with its tussock and beech forest, and the narrower Caples Valley.

The West-East Loop starts at the The Divide (also the starting/finishing point of the Routeburn Track), near Te Anau. The return transport will pick up at the Greenstone Shelter, near Glenorchy and with transport back to Queenstown.


  • Transport from Queenstown to The Divide
  • Return Transport from The Greenstone Shelter to Queenstown

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4-5 days