Gear Rental

Info & Track has all your tramping equipment covered for a low daily rental price.

We also sell a range of hiking essentials, including insect repellent, gas, freeze-dried meals and camping mats, from our Shotover Street shop.

For any tramping expedition it is vital to come prepared – please refer to our FAQs page for information on what to wear and pack during your hike.

Item Cost per day
 Rain Jacket $6
 Hiking Pack (70l) $8
 Day Pack (30l) $5
 Sleeping bag (includes liner) $7
 Walking Poles single/pair $3 / $5
 Cooksets From $4
 Billy pot (various sizes) $2
 Stove (gas not included) $4
 Waterproof pack cover $5
 Tent (one night) $25
 Tent (two nights) $50
 Tent (three nights) $70
 Luggage Storage (one item) $5

Please note: Equipment does not need to be organised in advance.

Want to know what to pack for your tramping? Watch this video here.