Rees-Dart Track Info & Bus Transport

Rees-Dart Track MapThe Rees-Dart Track is a demanding 4-5 day tramping circuit following both the Rees and the Dart Rivers through dramatic valleys in the southern part of Mount Aspiring National Park.

The Rees-Dart Track is relatively uncrowded and provides access to one of the great wilderness areas of South West New Zealand World Heritage Area. A natural and cultural site of world significance. Glacier fed rivers, spectacular mountain scenery and forest and alpine vegetation. A very special tramp with an abundance of native flora and fauna.

Info & Track operates daily track transport between Queenstown and Muddy Creek (Rees) or Chinaman’s Bluff (Dart). All services stop in the township of Glenorchy en route.

The huts on the Rees and Dart Tracks are positioned with the intention that trampers walk from Muddy Creek at the South end of the Rees Track, up to the Dart Hut, and back down the Dart Track to Chinaman’s Bluff.

Either track can be walked separately via the Cascade Saddle, an alpine pass suitable for experienced trampers only. The Saddle is located 54kms from Wanaka in the West Matukituki Valley.

If you are walking the Cascade Saddle from either end, contact us for information on transport to and from Raspberry Creek on the Wanaka side. Please note The Saddle is easiest when walked from the Wanaka side (North to South).

Don’t have the right gear? Don’t worry; Info & Track have a range of hiking and tramping essentials available to hire.

Rees-Dart Track Essential Information

Time: 4-5 days

Track length: 62km

Distance from Queenstown: 76km (Muddy Creek), 68km (Chinaman’s Bluff)

Number of huts: 3

Grade: Moderately demanding tramp – most days average 6-8 hours of walking. Best for experienced trampers.

Highlights: The Rees-Dart Track has it all: incredible remote mountain scenery, fascinating forest and alpine vegetation, icy-blue rivers and the dramatic Dart Glacier!

All Services require a minimum of 2 passengers to confirm.

Rees-Dart Track Shuttle Timetable

QueenstownRees8:00am--$69 / $47BOOK NOW
QueenstownDart-11:15am-$69/ $47BOOK NOW
QueenstownGlenorchy8:00am11:15am4:00pm$32 / $24BOOK NOW
ReesQueenstown9:30am--$69 / $47BOOK NOW
ReesGlenorchy9:30am--$44 / $27BOOK NOW
ReesQueenstown Airport*9:30am--$99 / $77ENQUIRE
DartGlenorchy-1:45pm-$44 / $27BOOK NOW
DartQueenstown-1:45pm-$69 / $47BOOK NOW
DartQueenstown Airport*-1:45pm-$99 / $77ENQUIRE
GlenorchyQueenstown10:15am3:00pm6:00pm$32 / $24BOOK NOW
GlenorchyRees9:00am--$44 / $27BOOK NOW
GlenorchyDart-12:00pm-$44 / $27ENQUIRE

Rees-Dart Track Profile

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Do I need to book the huts or campsites on the Rees-Dart?

A. Backcountry Hut Tickets or a Backcountry Pass must be purchased in advance from DOC visitor centre or approved outlets. To camp by any of the three huts, there is a fee of $5 per night for adults and $2.50 per night for children.

Q. What facilities are in Rees-Dart huts/campsites?

A. The three DOC huts have solid fuel fires for heating and mattresses and water. Trampers must carry their own cookers. Hut wardens are present from November until late April.

Q. Where can I camp on the Rees-Dart Tracks?

A. Camping is permitted, except in the fragile alpine and sub-alpine areas between Shelter Rock Hut and Dart Hut. Camping is not permitted on Cascade Saddle but is permitted on the glacial bench above the Dart Glacier.

Q. How long is the walk between each hut?

A. The Rees-Dart is a moderately demanding tramp and most days average 6-8 hours of walking. A detailed breakdown of the walking distances can be found on the map above.

Q. I am walking the Cascade Saddle, what transport do you provide?

A. Trampers walking the Cascade Saddle track generally begin at the Raspberry Creek car park, 54km from Wanaka, and finish at either Chinaman’s Bluff or Muddy Creek. It is possible to walk the track in reverse but is much more difficult.

Info & Track can organise your transport to and from the Cascade Saddle track, please contact us for further information on the transport options available.

Q. Are there any other hikes I can do in this area?

A. Please refer to Routeburn Track Info & Bus Transport and Greenstone Caples Track Info & Bus Transport.